Candidate Statement

When I officially declared my candidacy, I was shocked to learn that it costs $644 to have a candidate statement in the voter information pamphlet.  Since my campaign account only had $212.13 at the time, I chose not to include one.  As with most things, hindsight provides you with clarity, and I regret that I did not scrape the money together.  So, if I had included one, this is what you would read:

As an involved parent and educator in our community with a recent M.A. in Educational Administration, I can see the benefit for greater transparency in the policy and decision-making process that immediately affect our neighborhood schools. When the public is informed of the district’s progress and challenges, it allows them to be part of the conversation and increases the likelihood of engagement leading toward success.  Analysis and insight of school data is needed to improve upon the work the district has started and help provide accountability. Measuring and evaluating our programs and policies on an ongoing basis can ensure that we work effectively toward our goals and objectives.

It is time to have an open and honest discussion around how well we are addressing student needs, including English Learners, Special Education and gifted students.  I look at this not as a criticism but as an opportunity for transformational educational growth.  I look forward to promoting positive change and building solutions for our district.

I understand that my job will be to represent the community and taxpayers to ensure the most efficient, responsible use of finances and resources. Our local schools should be a collective venture, and a community-wide priority.

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